Reviewer FAQ

This page will be updated with Frequently Asked Questions about the reviewing process for ICAPS 2020.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Q: What does the “Technology Readiness Level” question mean for papers that make a theoretic or algorithmic contribution, but do not describe a working system?

A: Indeed, this question is more important for papers describing applications or systems. However, we believe it’s possible to provide a meaningful answer to these questions even for theoretical or algorithmic papers.

For example, we would characterize the TRL of the paper “Computational Complexity of Propositional STRIPS Planning” (Bylander, AIJ 1994) as “1 – Basic principles observed and reported”. On the other hand, the paper “The FF Planning System: Fast Plan Generation Through Heuristic Search” (Hoffmann & Nebel, JAIR 2001) would have a TRL of 4-6.

However, for such theoretical/algorithmic papers, the TRL should probably not be a major factor in recommending whether to accept or reject the paper. Note that you can always choose N/A if you think this question does not make sense for a given paper.

Dual Submissions
Q: Can a paper under review at ICAPS appear online (e.g, at arXiv or some previous workshop)?

A: Yes. However, we ask reviewers not to actively look for the paper they are currently reviewing online. If the reviewer accidentally finds the paper they are reviewing online, they should contact the program chairs.